Welcome to the Renaissance Art Affiliate Program


We will help to create a customized/personalized program for your target market/s

  • Online: Banners ----- Text ads ------ Data Feed
  • Offline (coming soon): Using customized and targeted cards with your own personalized QR codes
  • Mobile (coming): your referrals will be able to order directly off their mobile devices (a powerful combination with QR codes)

Our Stats

  • Products: Over 200 products, some in highly targeted markets. New products added regularly.
  • Average Order: $125
  • Backend Sales: 30% of new customers place a 2nd order within 30 days

Commissions and Cookies

  • Commissions: 8% commissions on sales.
  • Pay period: Generated on the 1st of every month and paid 7 days later via Paypal
  • Cookies: Persistent for the life of this program

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